Protest More!!

10 11 2010

Normal daily routine in London consists mainly of downward pointing faces, inward thoughts of why the hell doesn’t the person next to me cover their mouths when they sneeze and general avoidance of any human empathy and most importantly operate a strict policy of no eye contact. What a difference a protest makes though! Today, people came together to celebrate a common cause, friendships were made and stories were created to pass on to future loved ones. Watching the coverage at the gym and at home i’m left thinking that those students looked like they really enjoyed themselves! On the basis of all that, I say people should protest more often. People should protest whenever they feel the time’s right in fact. One caveat: just don’t do it where i am thank you very much. Stay the hell away from me! Very comforting to know that i was completely unaffected by it all today and i can sit at home and gloat.

Daily forex positions closed:
GBPJPY open 131.05, closed 131.39 for +34 pips
USDJPY open 82.03, closed 82.58 for + 55 pips

Intraday, took positions in EURUSD. First trade was following a reversal pin near the base of a small range which had formed from last night, took as confluence the 1.375 minor round number. Entry at 13770, stop 13739 and target was 13791. Going over my thinking process, i was encouraged by the subsequent test and failure to break lower, that price was going to move higher. I didn’t however want to add to the trade but instead i was actually thinking that this may prove a better opportunity to lift my target and see if price could break higher and maybe aim for the obvious resistance at 13814. But i stuck to the plan… Out for +22 pips. Forgot to take a screenshot from my spreadbet account so using metatrader instead.

Second trade followed immediately afterwards. Reversal at 1.38 round number and confluence with the relative top of the range. Short from 13790, stop at 13816 and target at 13751. For me, price was trading in a range and i wanted to target the base. Watching the price then break through wasn’t easy but i traded what i thought/expected so i’m happy.

Some movements in my stock portfolio. Not overly excited by what i’ve seen in my scans tonight if i knew what i’m talking about i’d say that there’s going to be some consolidation due.
Positions closed: IMT, DEB
Positions opened: IAP




2 responses

11 11 2010

Best placard at the demo… “You Wouldn’t Get This Shit at Hogwarts” 🙂

14 11 2010

Lol – read somewhere about a father defending the fact his daughter saying that she just happened to be in the street, was trapped, found herself at the front of the group, and the shear weight of people behind her forced her. No explanation given though for why she was later seen at the top of the Millbank Tower chanting and fist pumping!

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