A change is as good as a break…

2 11 2010

…. but an actual break is far better. 3 weeks spent travelling South Peru seeing all the main tourist sites: 4 day Inca Trail, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca and then short visit over to La Paz, Bolivia to cycle down the Death Road. Highlights:
– seeing my girlfriend using a ‘she-wee’ enabling her to wee standing up like a man (shudder…);
– learning that i’m glad i’m English and not obsessed with tipping like Canadians or Americans;
– learning that altititude affects people regardless of fitness. Frustrating to see less fit GF hiking completely unaffected and even asking if i didn’t mind whether she marched ahead or not…
– hiking 4 days to find view of Machu Pichu completely obscured by rain and cloud. Mood brightened when canadian lady broke down in tears;
– spending 3 weeks trying to take Getty Images worthy photos and being bettered by Bolivian boy (max 12yrs old) in “Kids with Cameras” inspired moment, see last photo

TOugh month prior to going on leave as a new project at work was sucking all life out of me. In short i haven’t committed to any intraday trading since the end of September. I’m back and frankly i’m not going to pretend that my intraday situation is likely to change. Was only fortunate in being able to take positions as like a naughty school boy, my desk position enabled me to see all other employees approaching without allowing anyone to see what was on my screen. Returning from holiday and i’m left with an exposed desk and i'[m unlikely to be moved unless it’s to Slough or worse still to Iraq! Going to see how things go.

I have decided however (plus now learnt how) going to start journalling all of my trades. These will include all UK share trades currently on demo (based on a momentum/price action discretionary system) and my forex trades which are based on price action on daily timeframes. There is now a “UK Portfolio” menu at the top of the blog which links to a portfolio summary via GoogleDocs. This is only demo at present (hence not bothering to start with clean sheet) but my whole aim for starting this ‘open’ blog was to be open+honest with my trading activities so i can be accountable in chronicalling my own progression. The portfolio is representative of the starting account I will go live with. All forex trades noted here (marked ‘daily’?) will be live.




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