1 09 2010

Forgot to update the blog so I’ve attached my trade from yesterday. Entry at the blue line, stop at red and exit at 1.2677 for 27 pips in total. Also missed the entry this morning again through work so bit disappointed to miss what would have been the first profitable trade of the month. However I’m a bit more blasé about it this time!

Guess it’s customary to go through the month just past. Total of 345 pips gained but certainly a lot more left on the table. The overall result takes into account trades made pre-blog plus some discretionary trades taken outside of those recorded. I’m content with the performance as my target is to build up my account and not to earn a living quite yet but definitely things to improve on. If I look at the comparison between this first month of live trading versus say the previous two in demo trading this system I’ve been recording there’s definitely a significant difference between the results – we’re talking at least 2-3 times less pips earned. One reason is simply not being able to action a trade when it’s there and the other is losing pips by not trading as per the main system rules. The latter point is the one to really home in on here on in.




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