23 08 2010

I’ve been waiting patiently all day for something to happen. It’s been painful watching each potential breakout approach on the EURUSD and then wither back down or droop pathetically back into the range. Moreover it’s been even more testing to just sit and watch numerous tell tale candlestick bars form indicating a quick scalping opportunity. I am though conscious that it’s really not feasible to take 3min PA whilst working, so my ‘discomfort’ is really only minimal. I’m not going to pretend that I’m particularly over worked but I am limited to how much time I can spend looking at charts and looking at my account page filling in orders. So I sat and watched them all pass and dreamed about the time I’m doing this for a full time living. Ah…

Finally rewarded this afternoon with price breaking lower, not surprising given the momentum behind it. Entry at small blue line, stop at red and 1st TP at the gold line. Haven’t moved stops yet as I’m expecting a retest of the base of the range so again I’m patiently holding on…

Update: Obviously i didn’t do what i said i was going to do and moved my stop to 1.2682. Now stopped out…. +10 pips from 3 contracts.




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