13 August, 2010 10:18

13 08 2010

Don’t know what my problem is. Said to myself last night that I’d only stay for one drink after work. Instead by 7pm we’re smashing the jaegerbombs and drinking like there’s no tomorrow. Unsurprisingly I’m now sitting at work fumigating the office with the stench of stale booze, comments from my colleagues asking if I’m wearing the same clothes from yesterday don’t help….Only consoliation is that my boss is on holiday so I guess I should make the most of it whilst he’s away.

EURUSD’s trading in a nice range between 1.2936 and 1.2782. I’ll be waiting for any break – my money’s on a break higher but I couldn’t care less which way it goes, I’ll trade just what I see. Yesterday’s action was very choppy, after the loss I went back testing two other methods/variations on my main theme and was chopped to the point of quitting. Need more weapons in my arsenal and yesterday’s showing wasn’t all too encouraging!




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