11 August, 2010 12:31

11 08 2010

Missed most of the action last night, staying with the girlfriend this week and rather frustratingly she locked me out of the house! Let’s not mention that this has been the 3rd time in a row…. Finally home in time to see my shorts in EURUSD closed following the spike up to 1.323. Was watching the charts and wondering whether I should short the smallish pin bar on the 15min…. In the end decided against primarily due to its size relative to the previous bars, its location and the time of day but…….it would’ve been awesome!

Spent a lot of time searching and reading other trading journals out there and looking forward to joining and hopefully adding to the huge community. Thanks for the link Black Bottle!

Trade initiated today. Short EURUSD following break below of yesterday’s low at 1.3032. Short opened at 1.3015, stop at 1.3047 with 1st TP at 1.3004. Comfortably hit shortly after and trade remaining contract without risk. Stop moved to 1.3026

Another trade like yesterday please!

Update – Stop moved to 1.3016 following break down locking in profits from 2 contracts. Stepped out to lunch and stopped out as soon as my back’s turned. So 21 pips total from the trade.

Update 2 – Moved stop WAY too early…….boo




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11 08 2010

you’re welcome, it’s on!

try to break in the windows nextime 😀

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